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Season Camp Maintenance Plan

Do you own a seasonal camp or a group of camps in Central Maine and would rather have a the opening and closing of your camp(s) done by a professional company that has the resources and connections to handle this task. Our Seasonal Camp Maintenance plan is designed for you. 

Camp Subscription for $199 per month

Subscription Includes

Opening for Season

  • Turn water on to the camp

  • Turn power on to camp

  • Turn on hot water heater

  • Hook up exterior hoses and check hose bib for leaks

  • Check camp for leaks at faucets

  • Inspect under sinks for drainage issues

  • Inspect camp for rodent intrusion

  • Clean fireplace and place wood 

  • Conduct exterior inspection for any damage

  • Change water filters where needed (filters provided by camp owner)

  • Remove any exterior winterization materials, i.e., boarded windows and doors.

  • Inspect door seals and windows

  • Check water softener system and replenish salt as needed

  • Inspect furnace filters and replace as needed (filters provided by camp owner)

  • Screen and storm doors inspected

Monthly Visits

  • Check water softener

  • Inspect exterior

  • 2-hours of preventive maintenance conducted by one of our handymen. Additional time can be requested for camp owners to-do list for $65/hr

  • Check out our monthly services list here

Closing for Season

  • Turn off water to house

  • Drain hot water heater

  • Air out all water lines

  • Drain toilets

  • Dispense anti-freeze in all drains and toilets

  • Open all faucets and shower heads

  • Install any exterior barriers for windows and doors

  • Secure any exterior furniture

  • Remove any trash from property

  • Drain well tank

  • Turn off power

  • Store garden hoses and inspect hose bib

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