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Monthly Maintenance Plans

Having a consistent maintenance plan saves you money, time and stress at your home and office. A maintenance plan helps prevent major issues before they happen. Our Family Handyman's monthly maintenance service plan gives you peace of mind knowing each month one of our handymen, will be visiting your property providing ongoing and seasonal maintenance tasks, keeping your home and office in top shape.

Your $225/month subscription investment in your home includes. 
  • ONE 2-hour visit each monthly addressing monthly maintenance items

  • Up to 12 FREE 40lb. bags of softener salt per year

  • 4 FREE furnace filters installed each year

  • FREE smoke detector battery replacements each year

  • More services that are included in your 2-hour visit below.

Image by Rachel Kelli

Monthly Services

  • A handyman will spend a minimum of 2hrs addressing items on our monthly services. Additional time can be used to focus on the home or office owners projects. All homes are different and some may require more time. (Any additional time will be billed at $65/hr.

  • Your water softener will be monitored every month and filled with salt as needed. 

  • There will also be a monthly property inspection addressing minor issues, i.e, caulking repairs, vents cleared, and pest inspections, etc.

  • See the full monthly services menu HERE

Seasonal Services

  • Furnace filter inspected monthly and changed up to 4x per year. 

  • Heat Pump filters cleaned and inspected 2x per year. 

  • Gutters inspected and cleaned 1x per yearly. 

  • Inspection and installation/removal of window screens or storm windows. 

  • Place/inspect hoses and open exterior water lines (spring)

  • Drain/inspect house and winterize exterior water lines. (fall)

  • Visually inspect and clean A/C units. 

  • Inspect and test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 

  • Clean exterior dryer vent

  • Replace drinking water filters (filters provided by property owner, unless requested by us for an additional cost.)

  • Test/Inspect Sump Pump

  • Dishwasher drain filter inspection and cleaning as needed.

  • Bathroom exhaust fan inspection and cleaning. 

  • See the full monthly services menu HERE.

Annual Services

  • Smoke detector batteries tested and replaced yearly.

  • Vacuum refrigerator condenser coils and fan.

  • Lawn repair from plow damage.

  • Inspect and clean entire dryer vent line.

  • Inspect and clean faucet aerator

  • Drain hotter tank sediment

  • Inspect weather stripping around exterior doors

  • Inspect garage door safety shut down

  • Lubricate moving parts on garage doors and check springs.

  • Inspect and tighten laundry hoses.

  • Inspect/clean washer water filters.

  • Clean range vent grease filter.

  • See the full monthly services menu here

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