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Kyle and
Katie Black

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This is a picture of Kyle and Katie
This is a picture of our five children.

I have been in the construction industry for over 20 years. With a short break after the 08’ market crash. When I was 15, I started working as a laborer for a landscaping company in Portland, thanks to Winter, I had to find inside work and started working for various construction companies. The companies I worked for specialized in different areas of construction, two built new homes, one focused on roofing, and one focused on home remodels, bathrooms and kitchens. 


I have owned and operated a couple other businesses, one was a landscaping business and the other was a construction company. These businesses were great. I closed the landscaping business down when the market crashed in 08’. We moved to Central Maine, and I worked for a while for a government agency. In 15’ we started the construction company that we had till 18’ when I got sick. I was told that I could not do any physically strenuous work for 18 months and spent 4 months recovering from a series of surgeries and hospitalizations. In July of 19’ I received a clean bill of health and was told I could get back at it. 


So long story short, my wife, Katie, and I sat down and looked at what type of business we wanted to have. After some research and bouncing ideas off each other we launched, Handyman Services of Maine, yet we did not like the name and for over a year worked on a new name for the company. In January to 21’ we change our name to Our Family Handyman, which is a better reflection of the company we wanted. A name that we would be proud of, and our children could join if they should choose to in the future. Our logo is the silhouette of our 5 children. 


We started this company to reflect our values, to provide exceptional services to all our customers and build a great name that people would depend on. We look forward to working for you and want to be your handyman contractor!


Kyle and Katie Black

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